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McKeith braves water for trial

Gillian McKeith had to overcome her fear of drowning to win four meals and defy her camp-mates' worries in the latest I'm A Celebrity challenge.

The 51-year-old nutritionist burst into tears and confessed "I can't swim" when she was told the public had chosen her for a bushtucker trial called "Aquatic Strife".

She also told how she had nearly drowned recently, which had exacerbated her water worries.

Gillian was forced to scavenge for stars in a flooded tunnel filled with jungle critters which included crocodiles, water spiders, eels and Australian crayfish, known as yabbies. As hosts Ant and Dec explained the rules of the trial to her, Gillian told them she couldn't swim and was still haunted by the memory of almost drowning.

She said: "I almost drowned a year ago, so it's very much with me."

The hungry celebrities were not expecting Gillian to succeed in winning any food for the camp.

Comedian Dom Joly, who has only just arrived in the jungle, moaned: "She was delighted to hear she was doing the trial. I think if ever there was a woman who thrives on adventure and extreme effort it's Dr Gillian McKeith. She's not going to get a single star. I have no idea what she's doing here. It's very, very odd."

But after much delay, the screaming food expert eventually made it inside the tunnel and unknotted two stars from a rope in the compartment filled with yabbies. She moved on to brave the crocodiles, where she collected two magnetic stars, before giving up when she spotted the water spiders.

Gillian said: "I just saw spiders and the water was rising. I just couldn't do it any more... At least I got something."


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