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McKenna finds true love with PA

Paul McKenna has been speaking about how he has found love with his assistant, Kate Davey.

The hypnotist is now engaged to Kate and said the relationship has changed him after years spent chasing glamorous women who he didn't get on with.

He said: "I've always really liked Kate, but she's my assistant. Of course I fancied her, but she would be in a relationship or I would be in a relationship and it just didn't seem appropriate.

"A life coach friend of mine said to me, 'I notice you date all these beautiful girls but you don't really like them and they don't really like you'. He then said, 'Why don't you think, who do I love to be with and who am I attracted to?'

"Well, I sat back and did a sort of Excel spreadsheet and it went, 'Boing - it's Kate!' I'm some pervy boss!"

Paul continued: "Then one night, Kate and I had a couple of glasses of red wine and I said to her, 'Tell me something about you that I don't know', and she said, 'I love you'.

"I said, 'I love you too', but she said we couldn't do anything about it because we work together and it wouldn't seem right. At first, it felt very naughty and clandestine."

But the pair eventually began dating and Paul said: "Kate's beautiful. She understands me very well and I find that liberating. I was on an endless pleasure quest when it came to relationships, but now I've found something that's fantastic.

"I honestly thought I would never find love. I just thought it wasn't for me. I've been in relationships that have lasted a few months and was in one which lasted a few years, but I wasn't very happy.

"Being engaged has changed me. It feels different. We're committed. When we're married I can't wait to say 'My wife...' It's so grown up."

He also revealed that close pal Simon Cowell is planning his stag do: "We'll just have a curry and go go-karting. He's like an older brother."

Talking of a recent holiday the couple took with Simon and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, he said: "I said to Simon, 'Two years ago, who would have thought we'd be sitting here and you'd be playing with your son Eric and your two dogs?' I'm so happy.

"The pace of life is much happier for him now. We sit and talk for hours about different things. We don't talk shop, even though we do have some business dealings. He's been a very good friend to me over the years."


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