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McKidd teases about Grey's romance

Kevin McKidd reckons that the romance between Grey's Anatomy characters Cristina Yang and Owen Hunt will be "reset" in the new season.

The Scottish star, who plays chief of surgery Owen, teased that the plane crash at the end of season nine will take the couple's relationship to a different level in the tenth series, which is set to air in the States in September.

"It's very dramatic for them at the moment and they've gone through a very rough time," he said.

"The plane crash is pretty much going to press a big reset button on Cristina and Owen's priorities so it'll be interesting to see where they are at emotionally for each other when we start the next season, because there's nothing like a plane crash to clear the decks, you know?"

Kevin voices Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin in Disney-Pixar film Brave, and said it was fun using his own accent.

"I love accent work and I play an American in Grey's Anatomy and a few other things, and it's nice to just take a break from that and get paid to just use my own voice, which hasn't happened in quite some time," he explained.

In Brave, he shows off his local dialect, Doric.

"The Doric is a dialect from the north-east of Scotland, from my home area. It's very specific to the area to the point that a lot of Scottish people don't even understand what they're saying," he said. "It's a lot of fun to put your home dialect on the map in a Pixar movie."

Brave is already out in Scotland and Ireland, and opens in other UK cinemas on August 17. The accompanying soundtrack is released on August 13.


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