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Meghan Markle told of social media woes before dating Harry

Meghan Markle spoke of the hurt social media bullies can cause in an interview she gave before she began dating Prince Harry.

Her comments were made in a video interview last year in which she was also asked which royal she preferred, Harry or brother William.

The star of the hit series Suits said: "I don't know," but then agreed with the suggestion of the interviewer and replied: "Harry? Sure."

The US actress has been subjected to online abuse from trolls after news broke that she was in a relationship with Harry.

A statement released last week by the Prince's communications secretary said the actress had been subjected to the "outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments".

In an interview for Hello last October, the actress was asked how she dealt with negativity from social media users.

She replied: "I have these moments when I'm on my Instagram and you have to remind yourself that it's all just noise. At the end of the day you have your own sense of self and purpose independent of what anyone else is saying.

"Because for as many people, for example on my Instagram, say they love me - they're the people that tell me how much they hate me, or don't like my face or my freckles are dumb.

"So there are times when I'm reading it and will chime in and go, 'hey, real person here'."

She said she would prefer people to "unfollow" her.

She added: "As removed as social media can be where you're like, 'oh, I'm just at my screen or on my phone, I'm just putting this stuff out, it doesn't land somewhere' - it does, and it lands in a place that can sometimes be hurtful."

Royal fans eagerly awaited a glimpse of Harry's girlfriend at the weekend but were disappointed after the pair's much mooted public appearance failed to materialise.

It was widely speculated the American actress would join Harry at England's rugby union clash against South Africa on Saturday - but he attended alone.


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