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Mel and Sue turn attention to song and dance contest for Comic Relief

Departing Great British Bake Off presenters Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc will be turning their attention to singing and dancing as they host a special show for Comic Relief.

Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief will air on BBC One next year, expanding the already popular celebrity charity dance competition Let's Dance For Comic Relief.

During the Saturday night show they will be challenging contestants to both sing and dance as they perform some of the biggest hits in pop history, while wearing red noses.

Viewers and a panel of judges will vote for who they want to see return to the competition's grand finale after three live heats in the lead-up to Red Nose Day 2017.

Comedian Perkins, 47, said: "I'm thrilled to be co-presenting Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief, not least because it will finally show the world why I was voted West Penwith's Krumping Champion - over 40s category."

Giedroyc, 48, provided a comment on behalf of herself, adding: "Since leaving the Royal Ballet 12 years ago, Mel is really looking forward to getting back on her points and showing the brave Comic Relief celebrity dancers how to split leap and ball change.

"She's delighted to be taking time out from her busy schedule at the Royal Opera House - she was recently called 'a complete and utter Tosca' in the starring role of the eponymous opera - to take part in co-hosting duties for Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief."

Already marking themselves out as a much-loved comedy duo for their role presenting all seven seasons of The Great British Bake Off so far, the BBC said it is looking forward to seeing them bring their charm to another prime time programme.

Kate Phillips, controller at the BBC, said: "Bringing Mel and Sue to BBC One on a Saturday night is hugely exciting.

"Their warmth, wit, charm and chemistry married with their genuine love of entertainment are all a perfect fit for Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief.

"They will challenge contestants to stretch their hamstrings, vocal chords and of course don red noses in the most memorable way possible."

Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief will be produced by Whizz Kid Entertainment.


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