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Mel B: I won’t rule out cosmetic surgery

Mel B has refused to “rule out” having plastic surgery one day. The 35-year-old singer is renowned for her fabulously curvy figure, but admits she would consider going under the surgeon’s knife if her looks start to fade.

Although she is currently happy with her body and keeps in shape by exercising and eating healthily, she can understand why people have cosmetic operations to delay the signs of ageing.

“Well, this is my body and I make the most of it and keep it moving. With regards to surgery, each to their own – I wouldn’t rule it out,” she said in an interview with British magazine new! “It’s not something I’m thinking about now.”

Even though Mel follows a sensible diet, she has revealed she indulged in all her favourite foods over the Christmas holidays. The star is married to Stephen Belafonte and says the meals he cooked during the festive season were too delicious to refuse.

“My husband did the cooking, he’s the best cook ever,” she explained. “I eat what I want. I don’t worry about it because I’m curvy anyway, I’m not stick thin.”

Mel went on to confess she is feeling broody after her former Spice Girls bandmate Emma Bunton revealed she is pregnant again. Mel – who has two daughters, 11-year-old Phoenix Chi and Angel Iris, three, from previous relationships – would love to expand her family and have a child with Stephen.

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