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Mel B's mum: 'My daughter didn't talk to me for 10 years'

A visa problem has forced the singer and TV personality's mother to abandon plans to be by her daughter's side as she fights for divorce in Los Angeles.

Mel B's mum was shut out of her daughter's life for a decade after she spoke out against her now-estranged husband Stephen Belafonte.

The ex-Spice Girls star and her mother Andrea have now reunited and the 60-year-old property developer from Leeds, England tells Mail Online she "never fell out" with her daughter.

"I just wasn't in her life for a time because of him (Stephen)," she says, "but now we're doing OK, which is a relief."

The pair reunited after the death of Mel's father Martin in March (17), while Mel was filing for divorce, and her mum tells the outlet her daughter is "brave" for finally finding the strength to leave her "controlling" husband.

She also didn't mince her words back in December, 2014, when she launched a Twitter tirade against her son-in-law, calling him "vile" and "abusive". And though she's far from happy Stephen has been granted $40,000 (£32,000)-per-month in emergency spousal payments, she has decided to keep her thoughts about him more private while legal proceedings are pending.

"We don't want anything to jeopardise it," she added.

Though she's thrilled that Mel initiated the divorce, Andrea is devastated she can't be in Los Angeles to support her daughter, after she was prevented from boarding a flight at Heathrow Airport on Thursday (20Jul17).

"It was something to do with an exit visa when I had overstayed a visit 10 years ago by one day longer," she raged. "It's so frustrating and upsetting. I wanted to be with Melanie for her court hearing (on 21Jul17). She needed me there but I couldn't fly out because my visa has been cancelled.

"I'm doing everything I can to get this sorted as soon as possible. I have to re-apply but it could take ages."

She added, "I feel for Melanie. She's having a tough time and I want to be out there supporting her. A girl needs her mum."

She also admits she's very worried Mel is losing too much weight as a result of stress brought on by the unpleasant legal battle: "She's fading away," she explains.

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