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Mena Suvari ready to have kids

Mena Suvari plans to have children within a year, as long as she has enough time free in her schedule.

The Hollywood actress wed concert producer Simone Sestito in a private church in Vatican City, Italy, in June. They are enjoying married life, and have spent time discussing when they will start a family. Mena can’t wait to be a mother, explaining the only thing she worries about is having enough time to spend with her kids.

“I want kids! Oh yes, most definitely. Maybe another year or so,” she explained to “I have a few things I want to get settled before. It's a big step. There's time I want to take off.”

Mena, 31, added she is looking forward to spending time with friends and family this festive season. She and Simone have a special trip planned, which she is thrilled about. The star refused to reveal the specifics of it, only saying she is happy she’ll be surrounded by loved ones over Christmas.

“We're going to take a road trip and visit a city we've never been to,” she enthused. “We're going to explore. But most importantly, we're going to be together.”

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