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Michael Buerk to eat like a king in Royal Recipes series

A new show featuring top chefs recreating dishes concocted in the royal kitchens of the past is due to hit screens early next year.

The 15-part BBC One Royal Recipes series, hosted by Michael Buerk, will explore the 100-year-old logs kept by kitchen servant Mildred Nicholls.

Over the course of the 45-minute programmes, Buerk will visit the former royal palace Audley End, alongside chefs such as Paul Ainsworth and Anna Haugh, to delve deeper into royal kitchen history and cook up some rediscovered delicacies.

Journalist and former I'm A Celebrity star Buerk said: "I've always wanted to eat like a king so Royal Recipes is a wonderful opportunity to do so.

"These days we are all fascinated by food and by royalty and these programmes are an irresistible combination of both."

Created by the Sun Gold production company, which accessed the Royal Archives for Ms Nicholls's work, the show will also feature food historians and chefs who have cooked for the Royal Family.

Company director Dani Neumann said: " What was eaten in the royal household gives us a fascinating insight into social history and how food eaten by kings and queens sometimes shaped what ordinary people consumed.

"Michael's innate thirst for knowledge and fascination with history brings life to Mildred's very special menus from such a historic collection."

BBC commissioning editor Alex McLeod said: "This series is full of social history and fun anecdotes about the royals.

"It is packed with recipes, most of which are worth making at home, so our viewers can actually eat like kings."


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