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Michael Caine was once accused of being a drug dealer at a party 

Going in Style co-stars Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman have no plans to retire from the film business.

Michael Caine was once mistaken for a drug dealer at a party due to the way guests pronounced his name.

The veteran actor is often jetting around the globe to promote his various projects, but during one trip abroad his famous name accidentally landed him in hot water.

"I was at a party in the Philippines and the hostess was looking at me rather nastily and finally she beckoned me over and said, 'Are you a drug dealer?'" he recalls on Friday night's (07Apr17) episode of The Graham Norton Show. "When I said, 'No, why do you ask?' she said, 'Why is everyone calling you My Cocaine?' You know that story is true because you couldn't make it up."

Joining him on the U.K. talk show was fellow acclaimed film star Morgan Freeman, who again discussed how his distinctive voice means he's often asked to record fans' answering machine messages.

Both men appear in new comedy flick Going in Style, about a trio of ageing criminals - also starring Alan Arkin - who plan a bank robbery to help pay their bills and support their loved ones.

Discussing playing older characters on screen, Morgan notes: "I've been playing 'old' for a long time. I had a drama teacher once that told me that no one old has un-broken movements and that I should imagine that my testicles were glass balls - that's how I go about - I just walk very carefully!"

Morgan, 79, and Michael, 84, added that they have no plans to slow down at the moment, with Michael admitting that not many actors officially retire from the business.

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