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Michael Jackson 'had fear of pain'

Michael Jackson's ex-wife broke down in tears in court as she described the singer's fear of pain and trust of physicians.

Debbie Rowe took the witness stand in a negligence lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother against concert promoter AEG Live LLC.

Debbie said the pop star trusted doctors to prescribe pain medication to him, but they sometimes tried to out-do each other while losing sight of Michael's care.

Debbie worked for Michael's long-time dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein. She said he and another physician, Dr Steven Hoefflin, would try to out-do each other in the medications they gave the singer.

She said she was with Michael when he received treatments from both physicians.

Katherine Jackson claims in her lawsuit that AEG Live failed to properly investigate the doctor convicted of giving her son an overdose of anaesthetic in 2009. AEG denies any wrongdoing.


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