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Michele: 'I want to see home life'

Lea Michele wants to see more of her character's family life on hit show Glee.

There have been hints that Rachel Berry's two gay dads may finally enter the picture in season three of the high school drama.

Lea revealed: "I have been begging Ryan (Murphy, Glee's co-creator) for so long and asking when it's going to happen.

"He just keeps saying, 'I don't know'. I would love that - I'll keep my fingers crossed".

The actress, 25, added: "I think it's important the audience get to see the characters' home lives. Not just Rachel's parents, but the families of Brittany and Mercedes, too."

It's been rumoured that John Barrowman is in the frame to play one of Rachel's fathers, but Lea already has her dream casting - the star of Broadway musicals and film hit The Producers Nathan Lane.

"I really do think one of Rachel's dads is Nathan Lane. I know that's stereotypical but I envision him as one of them, for sure," she admitted.

Ryan has already said the third series is set to be the final year for Rachel, boyfriend Finn (Cory Monteith) and gay teen Kurt (Chris Colfer).

"We always knew we'd graduate. It's all part of the plan and is going to make season three amazing," she said.

The next season of Glee begins on Sky1 on Thursday, September 22.


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