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Michele talks about Monteith death

Lea Michele has told how she is trying to "make something positive" of her life following the death of her boyfriend Cory Monteith.

The actress told US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that her grief has been with her every day since her Glee co-star and real-life love died from an accidental overdose in July, but that she is moving forwards with her life as he would have wanted.

"Grief goes with you every day, whatever you're doing," said Lea. "Whether there's great moments, when there's hard moments, so I'd rather be at work with the people that I love who are going through the same."

The 27-year-old went on: "My mom has experienced a lot of loss in her life, and she told me, 'There is an empowerment that comes with grief. At some point you will find it's very hard, but you will find it,' and I think at a certain point you can choose to fall from this or you can rise.

"I'm just trying to do my best for him because I know that that's what he would have wanted and to just do my best and to, you know, hopefully make something positive for where I go in the rest of my life."

Lea admitted it has been "intense" having the paparazzi follow her as she grieves.

She explained: "If you smile it's like, 'She's so happy!' and if you look sad, they're like, 'She's terrible.' It's just really hard."

Cory was found dead on July 13 in his Vancouver hotel room. An autopsy later revealed the 31-year-old died of an accidental overdose of heroin and alcohol.


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