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Middle-aged indie kids Suede and James are still cool at Belsonic

Joe Nawaz

The class of '93 were out in force for the freshly revived Suede.

Former cool kids may have traded in their snake hips for beer bellies and comfortable footwear in the 20 years or so since Suede first shimmied into view, but spirits were more than willing.

First, even older indie stagers James.

Singer Tim Booth bore an unsettling resemblance to Ming the Merciless on his gap year, but he ably led the band's charge though a set studded with both classics and carbuncles. But when they were good, they were very good.

Suede began with a brace from their new album – and a ridiculously lithe Brett Anderson bathed in red light and crowd adulation.

When the band finally gave up the honey and the crowd twitched into joyous life to the opening bars of Trash, it was the beginning of one of the most brilliantly blousey back catalogues from an era of stuffed shirt monotony.

Animal Nitrate and The Wild Ones were just two highlights before they encored with The Beautiful Ones.

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