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Miley Cyrus arrives in Belfast amid blaze of controversy

By Amanda Ferguson

Pop wild child Miley Cyrus arrives in Belfast today – bringing a controversial show of raunchy content and pro-drugs messages.

Thousands of fans will pack into the Odyssey Arena tonight as the singer's Bangerz world tour lands in Northern Ireland.

The young American's show has raised eyebrows with crotch-grabbing routines and scantily designed costumes. The uninhibited daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus first found fame as a child star in wholesome Disney series Hannah Montana.

But fast-forward a few years and, aged 21, she is as well-known for her sexually suggestive "twerking" dance moves and sticking her tongue out as she is for her songs such as Wrecking Ball, We Can't Stop and Adore You.

Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour: Here's a parental advisory - it's your fault if you take child to this gig 

Miley has been hitting the headlines during the Bangerz tour British dates, particularly for provocative behaviour and voicing a pro-drugs message at her London concert. Following a barrage of criticism about the popstar's risqué antics, country music legend Dolly Parton, who is Miley's godmother, has come to her defence.

"I'll never say anything bad about Miley 'cause I know she's smart," Dolly said.

"And I know she's talented. And I know she's had to go to drastic measures to try to make her point: 'Leave me alone. I am not Hannah Montana anymore. I want to grow up'."

The 68-year-old Country Music Hall of Fame member explained she faced similar criticism when she found fame.

"But I never let that stop me from being the business girl that I was," Dolly added.

"I knew my songs were good, even if I had been ugly as sin."

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