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Miley Cyrus is cream of the crop

Miley Cyrus has declared she never wants to grow her long her back as it was just too much hard work.

The 20-year-old singer and actress chopped off her long blonde locks last summer and has since been sporting a daring punky crop with shaved sides.

Miley told E! News "I could never see myself having long, long hair again.

"I'm feeling it! My fiance [Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth] loves it. It's so much easier to go shave the sides once a week, rather than getting your roots done and all this stuff."

In fact the former Hannah Montana star can't bear to look back at herself with long hair.

She said: "I do not like looking back at photos of my long hair. I wish somebody would have ripped those extensions out of my head. I do not miss that in any way."


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