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Miley Cyrus 'stole' dog belonging to Woody Allen's niece

Miley found the missing mutt wandering around at a grocery store.

Miley Cyrus fears she may have upset filmmaker Woody Allen after "stealing" his niece's dog from a store.

The Malibu singer found the lost pooch she thought was a stray during a recent trip to a Los Angeles grocery store and took him home, where she already has 13 pets, including a couple of pigs.

But her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth insisted she had to track down the new arrival's owners.

In a new interview obtained by The Sun, she says, "I found a dog when I was at the grocery store and I took it home. I kind of called the person but didn’t really call the person, because I didn’t want them to find it (dog).

"I called, like, once and didn’t leave a voicemail. Liam was like, ‘No you have to call, you’ve now stolen someone’s dog!’ It was actually Woody Allen’s niece. So I was like, 'Oh God, now she’s going to call Woody Allen and tell him I stole her dog!'

"It was the weirdest thing. I just found her dog."

The animal-loving vegan was honoured for her animal rights activism by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)'s youth division peta2.

The Wrecking Ball singer was named Best Voice for Animals by executives for promoting a vegan lifestyle and animal issues on social media.

She beat out the likes of Sia and the Misfits' Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein to win the honour as part of the 11th Annual Libby Awards.

Miley turned vegan in 2014 and told Paper magazine she made the decision shortly after her dog Floyd was killed by a coyote. She also told U.S. late-night host Jimmy Fallon her pets made her think differently.

"One day I went to a sushi restaurant with a few of my friends and they were serving blowfish and I just thought, 'You know, this is an intelligent animal, and having a pig, it's extremely intelligent," she said.

Liam went vegan in 2015 and he was named PETA's Sexiest Vegan last year (16).

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