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Miley pranked by Ellen Thicke joke

Miley Cyrus has been pranked by a Robin Thicke look-a-like when she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' chat show.

The Wrecking Ball singer was chatting to Ellen about her new album as the stunt was being set up and had no idea that the Thicke double was creeping up on her, the Daily Mirror has reported.

Just as Miley was unwittingly going along with Ellen's lead in to the joke and agreeing that she couldn't be shocked by anything any more, the prankster, dressed in a striped suit similar to the one Robin wore at the MTV Video Music Awards when Miley twerked with him, jumped out from behind her chair.

Miley screamed in shock and laughed along with the joke, saying: "You've got to be prepared for Ellen. At least it's not the strippers. I was scared it was going to be strippers, you never know with Ellen."

At the weekend Miley hit a chart double in the UK with both her single Wrecking Ball and her album Bangerz getting the number one spot.


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