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Mindy Kaling's co-stars reveal gender of her unborn child

Mindy Kaling wants to bring her daughter up with the same values her own mother gave her.

Mindy Kaling's co-star on The Mindy Project, Beth Grant has revealed the actress is expecting a girl.

The 38-year-old comic actress confirmed she was pregnant in September (17) after Oprah Winfrey slipped up and revealed the news she was several months into her pregnancy.

Mindy has kept quiet about the gender of her baby and who the father is but now her co-star on The Mindy Project, Beth Grant has allegedly spilled another of the mum-to-be's secrets.

When asked at the Paleyfest event on Friday (8Sep17) about Mindy's good news, the actress confessed that she "cried like a baby" when she found out and then let slip the star was expecting a girl.

"I’m just thrilled out of my mind! I cried like a baby and that it's a girl … I just think that she's up to it," she added excitedly.

Ed Weeks, who plays Jeremy on The Mindy Project was also at the event and told reporters that the show was ending on a very poignant note.

"The show started as a tribute to her mother, who very sadly passed away just as the show is being picked up, and it ends with her having a daughter of her own. It's a lot," he explained.

"When she reminded us all of that, we all cried in the final table read. I mean, Jesus, life! It makes some very interesting and beautiful patterns sometimes."

The actress recently revealed that she is determined to take her cues from her own mother on how to raise her family.

"My mum was incredibly fierce and so devoted to us, just loved us and really wanted us to be happy no matter what we did," Mindy shared. "My career choice was not something that she was familiar with and she was just so supportive of that. And if I could give that to my child, just that open-mindedness, I'd be so happy."

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