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Minka excited about being an Angel

Minka Kelly can't wait to get stuck into her role in the new Charlie's Angel's TV show.

The Roommate star has been cast as former US marine Angel in the ABC remake of the hit 70s TV show which is being produced by Drew Barrymore.

Minka said: "I'm so excited! Obviously I'm not totally unaware of it and I know it's such an iconic thing, I just feel so lucky and honoured to have anything to do with it. I'm really excited."

She added: "I hope [I'll be doing lots of stunts], I love it!"

The Friday Night Lights beauty has been getting some action practice in on new horror movie The Roommate.

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester plays Minka's psycho roommate who develops an obsession with her and there is a big fight showdown.

Minka said: "By the end of that we had cuts and bruises and scrapes all over our bodies, that was fun.

"We did that whole thing ourselves, we had great stunt coordinators teaching us how to do those things and choreograph it so we didn't actually punch each other in the face but it made it really look like it, so that was fun.

"We had a blast, we really were laughing through a lot of it, I actually even cried through a lot of it because it was so exhausting and a lot of the things that she breaks on my head really did hurt. It was really taxing."

::The Roommate opens in cinemas on April 15.


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