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Minnie wants partner and more kids

Minnie Driver has revealed she wants more children - but not as a single mother.

The 40-year-old Conviction star, who has raised two-year-old son Henry on her own and kept his father's identity private, told Easy Living magazine she would love to have more kids and a family.

Minnie said: "Henry's dad and I probably wouldn't have any more together, but I would love to have more. But I couldn't do another one without a partner; I couldn't do two as a single mum, I really couldn't. It would be too much."

The actress and singer said she could not have considered having children when she was in her twenties as she was too focused on work.

She said: "I have to take responsibility for the fact my career was my lover for many years. While I had boyfriends, I had boyfriends who were part of that world, and with all due respect to them as human beings, they were not the people to have children with."

Minnie admitted it was hard to deal with the speculation into who Henry's father is but she feels she has done the right thing keeping his identity private.

She said: "It was a beautiful unplanned gift, that's the best way of putting it. And I'm so grateful for Henry's dad. He's really cool and he loves Hen and they have a great relationship.

"The reason I was so careful about him is that he is not in the public eye and it goes against every piece of moral fibre I have to throw someone into that maelstrom.

"So it was much easier for me to just have people speculating and deal with that myself."


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