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Miranda cringes about show name

Miranda Hart has revealed that she can't bear to say the name of her sitcom Miranda.

The 37-year-old, whose comedy about a joke-shop owner called Miranda is returning for a second series, said: "I very much see Miranda as a character, I don't see her as an extension of me.

"I do divorce it from myself, otherwise it's too weird. I have to call it 'my sitcom' or 'the sitcom'."

She went on: "And there's something quite un-British about calling a sitcom your name."

The comedian also revealed that her character's dad would be turning up for the Christmas special, and that in one episode Miranda falls into an open grave.

"She's with her mother, which makes it even worse, who just walks off and leaves her there. Obviously it was padded with crash mats but it was still quite unnerving because normally I just fall straight to the floor but this was considerably deeper so I felt like I was flying through the air for some time," Miranda said.

But Miranda kept tight-lipped about whether Gary, the object of her character's affections, would come back for the series.

She joked: "Gary did go to Hong Kong in the end, whether he comes back or not is a tippety toppety secret. They haven't even told me and I write it, so it's that secret."


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