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Miranda's 'fun' route to fitness

Miranda Hart is encouraging fans to "shake their maracas" to get fit with the release of a fun fitness DVD.

The 40-year-old comedienne may not seem the most likely celebrity to be sharing her exercise secrets in the battle for the Christmas DVD market, but Miranda Hart's Maracattack will be hitting the shelves next month.

Miranda created the unique exercise regime in season three of her hit sitcom and decided it was such a good idea she should share it with the world.

She said: "Maracattack is based on one key concept. Fun. For fitness should be fun. Bear with as I coin a compound word - Funness. You will want to exercise.

"It's about playing, not 'working out' and play helps your body, but also frees your mind. Without giving too much away, it involves maracas, classic pop tunes, and is as much fun as a riotous camp, cheesy disco. There is no need to dread the gym any more."

The DVD is co-hosted by fitness expert Amelia Watts and features songs from Kylie Minogue, Take That and the Monkees.

It also includes brand new sketches with Miranda co-stars Patricia Hodge, Sarah Hadland and Tom Ellis, and even a guest appearance from property expert Kirstie Allsopp.

Miranda Hart's Maracattack is available to buy from November 18 at £19.99.


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