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Mirren would be up for Red sequel


Helen Mirren enjoyed playing a deadly assassin

Helen Mirren enjoyed playing a deadly assassin

Helen Mirren enjoyed playing a deadly assassin

Dame Helen Mirren would have no hesitations about strapping on the guns for a Red sequel.

The Oscar-winning actress would gladly reprise her action woman role as deadly assassin Victoria for a rumoured follow-up to the 2010 film, which she starred in with Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker.

"I hope so - if they get a great script and they want me in it, I'll be there, definitely," she said.

"That was great! Nobody else saw me as a feisty action heroine! But I always saw myself as that - totally," she added.

Helen, who plays Prospera in Julie Taymor's big-screen adaptation of The Tempest, fancies portraying Shakespearian anti-hero Hamlet.

"I want to play Hamlet but I can't play Hamlet. There are not many roles (in Shakespeare) for women," she continued.

Any mention of the female roles has the actress shying away.

"I don't particularly want to do Gertrude (Hamlet's mother). The world of Gertrude's thought is not very interesting; the world of Ophelia's thought is not very interesting at all."

The 65-year-old added: "The world of Lady Macbeth's thought is interesting because it's so f****d up but it's not poetically inspiring. You don't get to say speeches like some of the speeches I got to say as Prospero/a."

:: The Tempest is in cinemas now.