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Mirren's delight at royal nuptials

Dame Helen Mirren has admitted she'd have loved an invite for the royal wedding.

The Oscar-winning star of The Queen isn't on the guest list for Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day, but revealed she "probably will watch it on TV".

"Of course, I'd love to go, and be there in the Abbey with my hat on," the Arthur actress said at a recent press junket.

"I just went past Buckingham Palace coming here, and the Mall has got all the pageantry, Union Jacks all the way down, it looks fantastic. And all the flowers are there.

"I suddenly thought, 'This is going to be quite exciting'. But I'm not going to be here for the wedding, I'll be gone but I think it's great. I hope it's nice weather."

Despite her enthusiasm for the royal event, Dame Helen revealed she finds it awkward when people refer to her by her official title.

"Mostly on British Airways they call me Dame Helen, otherwise not," she said.

"I don't like being called Dame, I find it weird."


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