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Miss Dynamix: We weren't ourselves

Miss Dynamix's Shereece 'SeSe' Foster has said she felt X Factor mentor Gary Barlow was trying to mould them for the music industry.

The girl band - made up of 22-year-old full-time mother SeSe, 16-year-old student Rielle Carrington and 21-year-old beauty consultant Jeanette Akua from South Africa - were put together by the judges during bootcamp, but have vowed to stay together despite being voted off the show.

SeSe said: "Being put into a group, being a new group, we were a brand, we weren't us. We belonged to Gary and Gary was moulding us into what he thought would work in the industry. I personally was too glamorous and too girlie for the way I am as a person, that's Jeanette."

Miss Dynamix missed the second live show after heavily pregnant SeSe fainted during auditions and was taken to hospital.

She insisted: "I didn't pass out due to pregnancy! When I get nervous I get hot and it all got to me. I really wanted to just do well. We worked so hard, we worked day and literally night, three o'clock in the morning we'd be up rehearsing. And I put so much pressure on myself and it got to me. It was my nerves, it was nothing to do with pregnancy."

And the girls think having that week off had lost them support from viewers.

Jeanette said: "I feel like every single week is an opportunity for the audience to connect and get to know each act, so we started out with a week less connection than everyone else."

The band admitted they were disappointed with their performance of Gabrielle's Dreams, which Sharon Osbourne criticised for being nasal, and felt they had let their idol down.

SeSe said: "We weren't happy with the performance, we're not in denial. We're disappointed that we didn't do Gabrielle proud. We're human beings at the end of the day, we do get nervous."

But the girls are determined to make it in the music industry regardless, especially after Simon Cowell tweeted: "I would have kept miss dynamix. I don't get that decision."

Jeanette said: "Simon Cowell tweeted us saying he would have kept Miss Dynamix, so that's a big confidence boost for us. Simon Cowell wants us?! We're very happy about that."


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