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Missing Doctor Who first regeneration episode could be recreated as a cartoon

Six long-lost Doctor Who episodes, featuring the show's first regeneration, are reportedly being brought back as cartoons 50 years after they first aired.

The Power Of The Daleks, a six-part story from 1966 featuring Patrick Troughton's first outing as the Doctor, was thrown out of the BBC archives during the early 1970s.

BBC Worldwide have now commissioned a company to revive the episodes using "state-of-the art animation based on off-screen photos taken at the time", according to the Mirror.

Troughton's first adventure after taking over from William Hartnell is noteworthy for fans as it was only shown once on UK television and only sold overseas to Australia and New Zealand.

Only a handful of clips, photos and audio recordings of the story from the show's fourth series survive, thanks to eager viewers.

In the serial, Troughton's Doctor regenerates in the Tardis, but his companions Polly and Ben (Anneke Wills and Michael Craze) remain sceptical of his identity.

Nevertheless, the trio set off for the planet of Vulcan where the Doctor comes face to face with his deadly foes, the Daleks.

The BBC is remaining tight-lipped about the episodes.

A spokesman said: "As soon as we have any news for Doctor Who fans we'll let them know."


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