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Miuccia Prada avoids ‘banal’ trends

Miuccia Prada is glad her label isn’t known for just one thing, as she’s terrified of being “banal”.

The Italian fashion designer has a great deal of respect for other people working in the industry, although she believes some have made mistakes. She is quick to point out there is nothing wrong with a brand having a signature piece if it is done in the right way, but if it isn’t it can be devastating.

Miuccia thinks that is the problem with many of the cheaper versions of clothing designers put out, such as those who have teamed up with high street stores. They often make their designs easier to reproduce, which takes the magic out of them.

“It’s what everyone wants and I resist it because I want to be relevant in my own way. I try to simplify my ideas and make them more simple but beyond a certain point, the simplification is not a positive thing. So extracting the essence of a brand so that a brand is just a bow, the brand is just a heart, the brand is just black everyone would want that. Even the customers would want that,” she explained.

“It’s clear that Chanel is known for the little jacket and Vuitton for the LV and us? Nobody really knows what we are, which is fortunate. Because I try to resist making a banal product. It’s clear that, as the world continues to get bigger, a bit of simplification is necessary but not to the point where it becomes totally useless or uninteresting.”

Miuccia thinks many fast fashion lines just offer “bad copies” of the high-end collections. That upsets her, as she doesn’t think it’s good for the industry. She would only contemplate such a range if she had an “ingenious idea” she thought would work well, something she thinks many celebrities who release ranges could learn from.

“It depends always on the content,” she replied, when WWD asked for her thoughts on celebrity ranges. “If the content is intelligent and new, it provides value. If it retreads something old and it’s something people have already committed to memory but it’s just a matter of adding a name to it, I really don’t care. It always depends on what one does.”

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