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Mixed reviews for Iron Lady film

The Iron Lady opens tomorrow to mixed reviews, with critics hailing Meryl Streep's portrayal of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher but giving the film as a whole a more lukewarm reception.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Chris Tookey gave it two stars out of five and described it as "jaw-droppingly misconceived".

He said it had "all the economic and political sophistication" of director Phyllida Lloyd's first film - the Abba-themed Mamma Mia! - and misses out "everything that made her a unique and formidable figure".

But he praised Streep for her "uncannily accurate, Oscar-quality performance".

The Times critic Kate Muir was slightly kinder, giving the film three stars out of five.

She also praised Streep for her "cast iron portrayal" which she described as "the performance of her life", but said it was a "five-star performance trapped in an unsatisfying three-star film".

She added that the film was "not sure whether it is a comedy or a tragedy" and said "the shallowness grates".

Also writing in The Times, former Conservative MP Matthew Parris said Streep's performance as his old boss was "formidable" and also praised Olivia Colman's portrayal of her daughter, Carol, as "movingly true to life".

Parris said the film, which has been criticised for its portrayal of an elderly Lady Thatcher, was "in no way... disrespectful" and "never remotely mocks or insults".


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