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MK1 blast chatting X Factor judges


MK1 claim there were problems with the voting

MK1 claim there were problems with the voting

MK1 claim there were problems with the voting

X Factor hopefuls MK1 have criticised judges Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger for "talking" during their sing-off performance.

Louis Walsh and Tulisa Contostavlos voted to save the pair but Gary and Nicole saved Kye Sones who is in Barlow's Over-28 category.

Host Dermot O'Leary was forced to reveal the public vote and the urban duo - Charlie Rundle, 19, and Sim Dixon, 24 - were booted off the show.

Charlie said: "The whole time we were performing Gary and Nicole were just whispering to each other, and I thought, I'm trying to sing for my place and they were chatting - that's just rude. If I'm trying to sing for my life, don't talk through my performance."

Sim said: "And they (Gary and Nicole) gave Kye full attention. It should have been a fair balance and it wasn't."

MK1 claim there were problems with the voting leading up to the live results.

Sim said: "We just couldn't understand what was going on last night, a few hours before our performance we got a lot of tweets from our fans telling us that the voting line for MK1 was frozen and they couldn't vote for us so we were getting really worried. In previous series, when that tends to happen, the act goes into the bottom two and may leave the competition.

"When Dermot called our name out that was really playing through our minds."

Charlie said she had fans tweeting her throughout the day to say they could not cast their vote, but TV bosses assured the pair the phone line was working correctly.

"They wouldn't have tweeted if it wasn't working," said Charlie.