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Mobile plan to help lost Childs


Amy Childs is running the London Marathon

Amy Childs is running the London Marathon


Amy Childs is running the London Marathon

Amy Childs has said her mother was making her take her mobile phone when she runs Sunday's London Marathon in case she gets lost during the race.

Amy, who shot to fame on The Only Way Is Essex, said she would not be changing her trademark glamorous style for the sake of the race, and wants to make sure she looks her best as she crosses the finish line.

She said: "I'm glamorous, I need to run in style, glam and vajazzle."

Amy, 22, added: "I'm think when I know I've only got one mile to do, I think I've got to glam myself up a bit. All jokes aside, I probably will put a little bit of lip gloss on. For me it's about putting all your effort in, but also looking good as well. People might laugh at me, but I don't really care, because this is me and I like to be glam."

The star, who already has a half marathon under her belt as part of her training, said she was "a changed woman" after her training regime and strict diet and was prepared for the day.

She said: "I've got a little pouch and I'm going to have my jelly babies, I'm going to have my lip gloss and my mum wants me to have my mobile phone in case I get lost."

Amy, who left TOWIE in 2011, also said she would be happy to reunite with the cast for a film but only in a few years time.

She said: "I was in the original cast out of TOWIE series one and series two. I absolutely loved doing it and I always said if there was a TOWIE film in five or 10 years time and they got all the old cast back, me and Harry, get Sam and Gemma, get us all together again, I think it would be brilliant and I would definitely do it but if it came out now I don't think I'd do it because I'm so busy with everything else."