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More Glee for Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth will be reprising her role as talented, but boozed up April Rhodes in a future episode of Glee.

The American actress revealed April would be returning, as she spoke to Access Hollywood.

"She's definitely going to come back, and she will come back in the spring, probably for a couple of episodes - and I have no idea how drunk she will be," she said.

Asked if April would turn over a new sober leaf, Kristin said: "You know, I would love to see her go through rehab but I don't want to see her stay there. It's much more fun to play that part like that!"

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has said that he would like to write a new TV show for the actress, which she confirmed.

"It's signed on the dotted line, so he should be busily working away on a new show. Because he has nothing else to do - he's very poor," she joked.


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