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Morgan's debut gets mixed response

Susanna Reid joked that she wanted her regular co-presenter Ben Shephard to return to Good Morning Britain - after Piers Morgan's debut on the show drew a mixed response.

Morgan, whose US show, Piers Morgan Live, was cancelled last year following plummeting ratings, is co-hosting the ITV breakfast show for a week while Shephard is away.

"Well....that was different. When are you back @benshephard?", Reid wrote afterwards, while some viewers even started to use the hashtag #bringbackben.

Andrew Stewart wrote: "Piers Morgan presenting Good Morning Britain this week. Well, they've gained an extra viewer .................. for BBC Breakfast."

Raelene Calderhead ‏wrote: "When is Ben Shephard back on duty? Cannot stand Piers Morgan, he's arrogant and rude. Get rid asap!"

A user going under the name ‏@furiouspigeon wrote: "I hope Susanna Reid's back is okay. She's been carrying @piersmorgan since about 7am."

Mark Grainger ‏wrote: "Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, instantly rendering the show's title ironic and oxymoronic."

Nathan O'Brien ‏wrote: "I would rather get up and watch The Human Centipede 1 + 2 before waking up to @piersmorgan on @GMB all of this week!"

Others were more positive.

Dave Hayes wrote: " @susannareid100 you probably don't want to hear this but you and @piersmorgan were great this morning... Like a young Richard and Judy".

A user going under the name @toolbob wrote " piersmorgan Fantastic on GMB this morning"

And Brad Fox added: "P iers Morgan great debut but you have a radio face just saying."

Morgan said of his debut - which featured French daredevil climber Alain Robert using the f-word, and Amanda Holden discussing her nipples: "It's all kicking off. Jeez. @gmb."


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