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Morrison: I wish Mr Schu was cooler

Matthew Morrison has confessed he hates the embarrassing knitted pullovers he has to wear to play Glee music teacher Will Schuester.

The actor and singer joked he is much cooler than his on-screen alter ego Mr Schu and wishes his character would dress better in the hit musical TV show.

Matthew admitted: "The costume is... like the sweater vest thing I'm over, but I get it, it's Ohio and - I shouldn't say anything bad about Ohio but... have you been to Ohio?"

He joked: "Anyway, he's not cool and look at me I'm cool! No, not really I just act cool. No, not even that."

But the TV star revealed he does enjoy playing geeky Will Schuester, and helping him work out his faults as his relationship with guidance counsellor Emma blossoms on screen.

Matthew said: "Actually, I love his faults. Especially after getting divorced and everything there's been a lot of figuring himself out as a newly single person.

"Because he was with Teri since high school, they were high school sweethearts, and that's kind of all he knew. And so there's a whole getting to know you process again of a newly single person.

"So it's been fun to explore that and to figure it out what that is for him. And he's making a lot of mistakes, which I like. He's not perfect."


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