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Morrissey: British drama rivals US

David Morrissey thinks British drama is just as good as the TV shows made in America.

The Nowhere Boy actor has been cast as The Governor in US zombie show The Walking Dead, which stars fellow Brit Andrew Lincoln, but said he didn't feel it was a case of actors choosing to work in America over Britain.

David said: "I wouldn't say American drama is better but I think they do support their drama both financially and they push it. But I think that's not to put down our drama, I think we make great television. Healthy competition is always good."

The 47-year-old father-of-three - who said he is looking forward to starting filming as The Governor in the show - said he hoped the British government's new tax break for making high-end television in the UK would help the industry, but denied we are losing too many British actors to US shows.

He said: "I don't think it's a case of luring them back, I think they always want to work here. It's not a difficult thing to work in both America and here.

"You see people like Dominic West and a lot of British actors going from one to the other. So I never see it as either or I think it's just the whole thing of embracing America and here and the whole English-speaking world really and have more opportunity."


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