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Morrissey: Eye patch is a headache

David Morrissey has confessed wearing an eye patch to play The Governor in The Walking Dead is a real pain.

The British actor stars as the terrifying one-eyed comic book villain in the cult US TV show - which saw The Governor lose his eye in a fight in the mid-season cliffhanger last year. Now David has to sit in make-up every day having the scar put on his eye.

He said: "There's a whole spatial awareness thing there, your whole depth of field goes.

"I'm constantly knocking things over, I get headaches, I bump into things. It does change the way you view the world and interact with it."

The 48-year-old actor also defended The Governor as not being a villain.

He said: "It's quite easy to call him a villain. But what people do in order to protect their people, what they do when they're hurting, when they're in emotional crisis, is very complex.

"It's not as easy as just being evil or villainous. He's full of hate and he wants revenge. People have attacked him, he's going to attack them back. So he's not acting purely villainously.

"I find it quite boring to watch people when I know what they're going to do next, or how evil they're going to be. You're trying to make a character three-dimensional, you're trying to find out what his fears are."

:: The Walking Dead returns to Fox on Friday, February 15.


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