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Move over Lynda Snell – The Archers soundscape to air

There will be no dialogue in the 10-minute recording.

David and Ruth Archer (Gary Moyes/BBC)
David and Ruth Archer (Gary Moyes/BBC)

By Sherna Noah, PA Senior Entertainment Correspondent

The Archers has created a spin-off – minus its characters – for listeners who cannot get enough of the BBC Radio 4 show.

The “soundscape” depicts a slice of the fictional Ambridge on a Saturday, the one day of the week when the world’s longest-running soap does not air.

But instead of hearing about Will’s troubles, Kate’s love life, or Ian and Adam’s journey into parenthood, listeners will get a 10-minute dose of background noise.

That includes the sound of rain, tractors, birds chirping and dogs barking.

“Wind rustling through the trees” and the “gentle braying of nearby cattle herds” can also be heard.

The one-off “soothing soundscape” is set on Brookfield Farm, at the gate into Marney’s Field, “on a quiet Saturday afternoon”.

The nearest listeners will get to a character on the rural soap is David Archer in the distance.

The soundscape, on BBC Sounds, follows the success of Tweet Of The Day, which began as 90 seconds of birdsong on Radio 4.

Broadcasters have also enjoyed hits with slow TV programmes such as a two-hour canal boat journey shot in real time.

Just one episode of The Archers’ background noise has been created and no others are planned for now.

The soundscape, which could help listeners get to sleep or aid concentration, will not air on Radio 4.

Jeremy Howe, editor of The Archers, said: “While waiting for next episode of The Archers, we invite listeners to sit back, relax and bask in the sound of Brookfield Farm on a peaceful Saturday afternoon.

“For 10 tranquil minutes just enjoy the magic of the Ambridge countryside.”

The Archers continues daily from Sunday to Friday at 7pm on Radio 4.

The soundscape is available from the morning of Saturday October 5 by subscribing to The Archers podcast feed on BBC Sounds.



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