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Moyer adapts to UK and US life

Stephen Moyer has revealed he finds it easy moving between the UK and the US.

The True Blood star was born in Essex but now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Anna Paquin, and said his lifestyle changes depending on where he is.

He said: "When I'm here I tend to drink coffee all day. And when I'm in England, I don't even think of drinking coffee, I only drink tea. And if I'm making toast here I have peanut butter and jam, and I would never dream of doing that in the UK, I'd have Marmite. I skateboard everywhere here, and I just wouldn't do that in London."

But the 42-year-old admitted some of his expressions still confuse his American friends.

"I'll say, 'I'm popping out for a cheeky fag' and they'll say, 'Why is it cheeky?' Or if I say, 'You saucy moo' it's, 'What is saucy?'," said the actor.

Stephen said it was only when he decided to settle in the UK that he became hot property in the States.

"The interesting thing about it, honestly, is that I wasn't looking for it any more. I had decided I wasn't going to come to America that year for pilot season. And of course as soon as you say no, the bosses are much more interested than they usually are," he said.

:: The fourth series of True Blood starts on FX on Sunday, February 5.


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