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Moyer keeps schtum on Anna's style

Stephen Moyer has confessed he would never dare give wife Anna Paquin advice on what to wear.

The True Blood stars have been together since 2007 and are used to attending red carpet events together.

Stephen said: "Anna is possibly the most detailed and brilliant connoisseur of all things clothes, I don't say a word.

"She dresses and I go, 'That looks ridiculous', because she does, she always looks amazing."

The 43-year-old actor has played vampire Bill Compton in True Blood for six seasons, but said he is excited about the announcement that the series will come to an end after the next season.

Stephen said: "You get to a point in the show when you think 'I'm not sure if we've got any more in us'. So it's about wanting to end on a high, wanting to end with fantastic impact, wanting to write the season so that it finishes."

And the actor revealed that after seven years he doesn't even notice when he is wearing his fangs.

He said: "I'm a bit of an old hand, I can spend the whole day in them and not realise that I've got them in, even though I end up with little cuts because they're really sharp."


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