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Musketeers take on Selfridge slot

The Musketeers and Mr Selfridge are set to enter a ratings battle for Sunday night viewers when they launch next week.

ITV's period drama Mr Selfridge is due to return to screens on January 19 at 9pm, while the BBC's new series about the Three Musketeers has been scheduled for the same time slot, according to Digital Spy.

Entourage star Jeremy Piven is back in the lead role in the second series of the show about London's famous department store and will be joined this time by singer Alfie Boe and Skins actor Sean Teale.

Meanwhile, Peter Capaldi has been cast as villain Cardinal Richelieu in BBC One series The Musketeers.

Peter, also the new lead in Doctor Who, recently revealed a mishap on set between himself and Musketeers co-star Maimie McCoy that resulted in him dislocating his thumb.

He said: "Dislocated shoulders, bruised shins, the odd concussion. It's one of the occupational hazards of being a swashbuckler.

"I myself suffered a nasty dislocated thumb, but embarrassingly not from swinging a sword around. Instead, my injury came from a domestic the cardinal was having with milady, Maimie McCoy.

"I threw her against the wall not realising I'd caught my thumb in her large frock. I felt a jab of pain. And when the director said 'cut' I looked down and saw my thumb was on the wrong way round. Nasty. Instinct took over and I shoved it back - which made my eyes water and my knees weak."

He added: "The lesson clearly was, never get into a fight with Maimie McCoy."


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