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Nappy new year could be QI for Fry

Stephen Fry has hinted that "the patter of tiny feet" could be on the agenda following his wedding to Elliott Spencer.

The 57-year-old host of the QI (Quite Interesting) TV quiz show broke the news of his marriage by posting a picture for his 8.5 million Twitter followers earlier this month, showing him and his 27-year-old husband signing a register.

And now in an interview with The Sun he intimated a family could be the subject of a future autobiography.

When asked about fatherhood, he told the paper: "Well that is peeping into Volume Two. Volume One, the marriage is still ... I hope it will never close, but in Volume Two the little family, the patter of tiny feet. Come back to me on that one."

With the wedding picture Stephen tweeted: "Gosh. @ElliottGSpencer and I go into a room as two people, sign a book and leave as one. Amazing."

And he revealed a little more about the ceremony itself, saying his first dance was to a song by American composer Cole Porter.

"We did have a first dance but anybody who has seen me dance would not call it a dance. It was a shuffle," he said.

"I wanted to choose a tune written by Al Jolson. It is the only great tune he wrote as far as I know. It's called Oh How We Danced On The Night That We Were Married. But I could not get it on my iPhone or my Android so we had Cole Porter instead."


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