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Nat Wolff keen to meet Carly Rae Jepsen after wedding flash mob

The actor is working with his mother and brother on new movie Stella's Last Weekend.

Paper Towns star Nat Wolff is desperate to meet Carly Rae Jepsen after being part of a 'flash mob' dance sequence which featured her hit Call Me Maybe.

The actor and musician admits he's a big fan of the Canadian singer, and really enjoyed the dance tribute.

"I've owed her something since that flash mob," he tells WENN. "I still have yet to meet her but I really like the song.

"My cousin Jesse is really wacky and she had 200 people at her wedding and about 80 people got up and did a flash mob, so it was almost half the wedding doing this crazy flash mob dance."

Wolff's actress mum Polly Draper choreographed the dance and then went on to play the wedding officiant, marrying cousin Jesse and her partner.

"It was nuts," Nat recalls of the odd nuptials. "They rode in on Segways into the wedding. It was crazy."

The young star recently teamed up with his mum for a movie - former Thirtysomething star Draper directed her sons in upcoming feature, Stella's Last Weekend.

"I think it's gonna be really good," her proud son says, admitting it was tough to work alongside his mum and brother at times.

"It wasn't tense on the set but it was in the house," he admits. "We definitely all fight as a family a lot, but when it came to working, we all respect each other and it's pretty easy. My brother and me fight constantly about nothing."

Nat will next be seen in forthcoming romantic comedy Home Again, which is loosely based on Owen and Luke Wilson's early days as actors and filmmakers.

"They really ended up moving in with this older woman and somebody ended up sleeping with somebody!" Wolff laughs. "It really was like this whole thing. I really always loved Luke Wilson and I ended up watching all these videos of him. He was just so easy going and sweet, especially when he was in (first film) Bottle Rocket. So it was fun to play somebody who had no ulterior motive."

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