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Natasha Hamilton talks stage kisses

Natasha Hamilton has confessed she is nervous about kissing another woman live on stage every night in the musical Rent.

The Atomic Kitten singer will appear as sexy lesbian Maureen in the new 20th anniversary celebration tour of the show, which opens in Blackpool on November 11 and tours for 16 nights before closing in Liverpool on November 30.

Natasha confessed: "I've never kissed another girl on stage before so that will be interesting, but I'm just kind of approaching it like, 'This isn't a big deal, I'm really cool', but inside I'm going 'Argh!'

"I've never kissed a man on stage, I've bypassed the man and gone straight to the woman.

"We're definitely going to have to rehearse it. I don't know about kissing protocol in the world of acting. I'm sure Hannah [Hannah Levene who plays her girlfriend Joanne] will guide me!

"There's no tongues which is good."

And the 31-year-old mother-of-three said she is also panicking about wearing a skintight catsuit every night.

Natasha said: "The costume is actually a catsuit so I need to get in the gym, I'm panicking a little bit because I haven't been to the gym for two months.

"I eat healthily anyway, but the past few months have been manic so my gym regime has gone out of the window. But now I'm working long days with the cast it's going to be intense and that will mean burning a lot of calories and a lot of energy.

"And I'll be taking my gym kit on tour and working out whenever I can. For me when I'm working out I feel more energised."

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