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Naveen promises an all new Jafar

Naveen Andrews has promised his new incarnation of villain Jafar will be very different to the character people know from Aladdin.

The former Lost star plays the Disney baddie in ABC's autumn series Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, a "mash-up" of Alice In Wonderland featuring various other fairytale characters.

Naveen, who played Sayid Jarrah in Lost, told the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, California: "In the popular imagination, he exists almost as an icon, as an incarnation of evil.

"What we want to do is present the audience with somebody they've never seen before. There has to be ambiguity, because everyone had a childhood."

The British actor recently finished filming a film about Diana, Princess of Wales with Naomi Watts and said he welcomed the transition.

In Diana, Naveen plays the late Princess' love interest Dr Hasnat Khan.

He said following the movie, the Wonderland TV series offered a chance to do something completely different that, as he put it, was not "bound in space and time".

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland stars Sophie Lowe as a young woman who escapes Victorian England down the fabled rabbit hole in search of adventure and love. It begins on US TV in October.


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