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Nell hoping for model marathon time

Model Nell McAndrew is looking forward to running her sixth London Marathon despite admitting it is a far cry from the glamorous photoshoots she is usually associated with.

"Running is not glamorous. It's all about sweat and Portaloos," she said. "I just really enjoy it. I love the fact that you can run alongside someone who is 70."

The former Playboy covergirl recently set a personal best in the Bath half-marathon and is looking forward to trying to break the three-hour mark for the first time at Sunday's marathon.

Nell's past times have been so quick that she has qualified to compete with the elite athletes.

"I am in the best shape, the fittest I have ever been in my life," said the 2005 Rear of the Year winner. "It feels good to know that I have earned my place at the start. I am on track for 2:59:00. No wind, please, that's my only request.

"I am positive about running and very excited. I have a strong competitive streak in me. If I am going to run it again, I have to run it faster. If I never get the chance to run it again, that way I will go out on a high. It feels like I am running better than at any time in my life. The school holidays were more exhausting than my 12 weeks of training have been."

Nell also spoke about her father's battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma which has seen her raise money for Cancer Research in each of the marathons she has run.

"My dad had cancer. He is one of the lucky ones as he is in remission, although he had to go for a scan quite recently. He has never been quite right since, though.

"At the time he was diagnosed, he was given only a 50-50 chance of survival. He had to have a large tumour removed but he is 60 at the weekend. I won't see him as I am in London so I will have to say 'happy birthday' on the television.

"I've been asked to do loads of things for charity like swim the Channel. I would need to learn how to do front crawl first as I can only swim breaststroke."


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