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New Jeeves and Wooster novel to reimagine Bertie as a British spy

The characters will have another outing in a new book by Ben Schott.

Television – ITV – Jeeves and Wooster Launch – London
Television – ITV – Jeeves and Wooster Launch – London

PG Wodehouse’s classic character Bertie Wooster is to become a British spy in a new Jeeves and Wooster novel penned by Ben Schott.

Jeeves And The King Of Clubs will reimagine Bertie as a British spy and the Junior Ganymede, the club for the gentleman’s gentleman, as a branch of the British Secret Service.

The writer, best known for Schott’s Miscellany, said: “It is an incomparable honour to follow in the patent-leather footsteps of the greatest English-language humorist.

“I have been enthralled by PG Wodehouse ever since an aged relative placed a well-thumbed copy of Carry On, Jeeves into my tender, unsuspecting hands.

“That book, and the characters therein, opened up an empire of comic writing on which the sun has never set.

“I am beyond delighted to be commissioned to write a new Jeeves & Wooster novel, and to play with the pulleys, levers, gears, cranks and knotted ropes of Plum’s creative genius.”

A statement from the Wodehouse estate added: “We are delighted by the prospect of Ben Schott’s imaginative and witty novel about two of the best-loved Wodehousean characters.

“We anticipate that this will encourage yet further readers to the Wodehouse oeuvre and remind existing fans to revisit Wodehouse’s impeccable library.”


Jocasta Hamilton, publishing director at Hutchinson, an imprint of Cornerstone, bought the world rights to the book in a six-figure deal.

She said: “Jeeves And The King of Clubs is a testament to the characters that Wodehouse created.

“With great wit and skill, it shows that the axis can tilt in such a way to make his characters feel fresh without altering the qualities that have made them so loved and so enduring.

“It will be a book to delight fans with a long-running affection for Jeeves, Wooster, Spode and Aunt Dahlia as well as a wonderful way of introducing new readers to the joy of Wodehouse.”

Wodehouse wrote some 20 books about the young British dilettante Bertram “Bertie” Wooster, and his wry valet Jeeves, who were immortalised on screen by Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Jeeves And The King of Clubs will be published by Hutchinson on November 1 2018.



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