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Newberry: I'm not easily scared

In The Flesh star Luke Newberry has revealed he has become hardened to horror, since starring in the show.

The 24-year-old, who plays zombie Kieren Walker in the BBC Three supernatural drama, admitted it takes more to scare him now.

"It's not spooky on set but I think I'm totally immune to any kind of horror or anything to do with the make-up," he said.

"New characters were coming in and saying, 'Your eyes are so scary'. I'm so over the contact lenses and am totally immune to seeing a zombie. I'm quite hard to scare now."

Luke said the most challenging shooting days were also the most satisfying.

"It's tough sometimes, with weather conditions and those sorts of things. There's often lots of elements involved like stunts and heavy make-up changes but they're often the most exciting days because there's so much going on and everyone has to be on top of their game," he explained.

The actor teased fans would see another side to Kieren in the second series.

"There's lots of new things in store for Kieren. He starts off in a bad place - he's developed in the nine months from when we last saw him, and now he just wants to get out of Roarton and find new passages, meet new people and try to find somewhere more exciting where there's more stuff going on," he said.

"He's an artist as well: he wants to work and paint and do something with his life, and doesn't have this time limit that the living have. He decides to go to Paris but then he meets certain people who throw that in the air. You'll see different sides to him."

:: The second series of In The Flesh begins on May 4 on BBC Three.


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