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Nick Hancock bad at mortgage job

Comedy host Nick Hancock has admitted he was terrible at selling mortgages when he took a break from television.

Nick, 49, is hosting new BBC2 show Breakaway, in which a line-up of contestants compete together until one of them decides to go it alone against the others.

But in 2005, the They Think It's All Over host took a "sabbatical" from showbiz and was working as marketing director for a mortgage broking company.

"The decision wasn't all mine," he says. "Clearly if there was lots of work flying around I would have stayed. I was kind of tired of telly and I think telly was tired of me.

"It was good to try something different but I just don't think I was very good at it", he said of the job.

"I don't pay enough attention to detail or have enough of an attention span, to tell you the truth".

Nick only lasted two years in the role before being tempted back into the spotlight, presenting the quiz show Win My Wage, then Duel, and a daytime show Taste The Nation.

He says of hosting Breakaway: "When you're at home you enjoy seeing people fail, that's part of the joy of watching quiz shows, but when you're hosting it, you don't. It's terribly sad to see people fail."


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