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Nick Knowles' acting ambitions

Nick Knowles has revealed he wants to launch an acting career.

The presenter of DIY SOS, Real Rescues and new game show Break The Safe, wants to land a role in a crime show.

Nick revealed: "Many, many years ago, before I became a news journalist, I did some acting and quite recently, I've been thinking I'd quite like to play a part in something like Ripper Street or Luther. I'd like to play some kind of psychotic villain - especially now I'm writing film, I'd quite like to have a go at being in one."

The 50-year-old TV star revealed he is about to start making a film he wrote two years ago, and has already begun work on a second screenplay.

But he is still extremely passionate about DIY SOS, which he think represents the everyman for TV viewers.

Nick said: "It reaffirms your faith in humankind because you see people who are going through incredibly difficult circumstances - who are battling against it and surviving.

"It represents working-class people in this country in a good light, people who are working class and making a living. Whereas almost every other representative of working class people (who are the largest part of the population, by the way), they're either scumbags or they're nicking something or they're rogue traders or cowboy builders.

"So you'd be forgiven for thinking that anybody who shows up on a working class estate is trying to con their way [through] and doesn't want to go out and earn a living.

"In actual fact, 99 per cent are really proud of the work they do and do a good job. DIY SOS represents a large part of the population that aren't properly represented on TV so I'm very proud of it from that point of view. And I think people like it because it's a feel-good programme about rough diamonds, working-class heroes."

:: Break The Safe is on BBC One tonight (July 27) at 8.50pm.


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