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Nigella Lawson gives stamp of approval for Tayto cheese and onion crisps


Nigella Lawson has said NI Tayto is her favourite cheese and onion crisp.

Nigella Lawson has said NI Tayto is her favourite cheese and onion crisp.

BBC/Jay Brooks

Nigella Lawson has said NI Tayto is her favourite cheese and onion crisp.

Well it’s official, in the battle of Southern versus Northern Tayto crisps, it seems NI Tayto has inched further ahead in the race for the title of the best crisp on the island of Ireland.

TV cook and food writer Nigella Lawson revealed on Twitter that it was the only cheese and onion crisp she eats after posting a photograph of her “crisp cauldron”.

She tweeted: “Behold the recently replenished Crisp Cauldron! I can’t say the new Fish and Chips flavour tastes exactly like fish and chips: it’s more like batter, with a whisper of vinegar. More news as I have it.”

While most congratulated her on her snack collection, others were less impressed, and some eagle-eyed crisp connoisseurs spotted that she was missing one particular favourite.

“Impressed with the crisp cauldron, but I can't see any cheese and onion...” said one Twitter user.

Nigella revealed: “The only cheese and onion crisps I like are Tayto ones and I can’t get them where I live #standards.”

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This launched a series of questions and the debate of Southern versus Northern Tayto raged on the social media channel.

Richard Chambers, a news correspondent with Virgin Media News in the Republic weighed in seeking clarification.

“Northern Tayto or Free Stayto?” he questioned.

My Tayto Ireland himself even tried to sway the vote.

“Oh Nigella, a woman of standards indeed! Would you like some Tayto for your cauldron? I know someone who can help you out,” The Mr Tayto Ireland official Twitter account posted.

It wasn’t until a follower posted a tweet specifying Northern Ireland Tayto that Nigella confirmed her preference.

Stephanie McVicker tweeted: “You'll need to spend some time in Northern Ireland, where they will bestow upon you the finest crisp in all the land. Very importantly, it will be in a YELLOW packet. It will be known as Cheese Nonion and will be emblazoned with the word Tayto. Accept no imitations.”

Nigella then responded: “It’s the only cheese and onion crisp I eat!”

One crisp supporter even offered to post some over to her.

“We’ve got to send you some @MrTaytoNI for your Crisp Cauldron,” they said.

Nigella replied: “You’re very kind, but I just wish I could get them, as they are divine!”

This comes after Tayto announced it was working hard to deliver “crispmas” to all their fans saying production at Tandragee Castle has increased despite mounting industry pressures.

A statement confirmed: “There have been significant out of stock periods within the crisps and snacks sector across all retailers in Northern Ireland due to production and distribution issues within the industry, and consumers have been facing empty shelves in the crisps and snacks aisles.

“The team at Tayto is working harder than ever before to ensure that their products remain available.”

John McQuaid, group sales and marketing director added: “We’re all too aware of the demands and challenges on every sector within Northern Ireland at present, from Brexit issues and raw materials to the pandemic, businesses have had to navigate uncharted waters over the last 18 months, and plan for unprecedented times.

“With consumer and retailer demand at an all-time high, Tayto is going that extra mile, to deliver the needs of our customers and consumers and meet the current market demand.

“Our staff in both Tandragee and across Northern Ireland have been working additional hours to ensure the demand is being met, and that Tayto is still available for everyone.

“Working with our local trade partners and suppliers we are doing all we can to ensure that Northern Ireland’s shelves are well stocked with Tayto for the busy festive season.”

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